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The Next show date is Sunday 4th September 2016 at The Grampian Motorcycle Convention in Alford, Aberdeenshire. Click here to find out more.

 As some of will have noticed we did utter there might be a new video coming out soon, I havn't seen it but apparently its nearly as shite as the other two. So if you want to buy one and save six of your hard earned pounds )including delivery) from being peed down the drain get to our online shop now and get one bought. Don't forget at the same time to buy a Tee Shirt as well.



Please allow up to 14 days for delivery, we only do this in our spare time and we do sometimes go on holiday or to prison.

 Its your chance to buy a new tee shirt, the old one will have rotted of your back by now. 


We have no shows planned this year as everyone is to poor to have the best entertainment on 2 motorised wheels attraction at their show this year.  If you want us contact us and we will see what we can do.

 On our shop page you will now see our new for 2013 T Shirts. They are ace and as soon as you put them on you become more attractive to the opposite sex. Even some of you smelly unwashed wee drinker types could attract a bush pig and get some finger blasting in. 






On a slightly different note our long time commentator and friend has written a book of his life and its very long so if you find yourself bored and in need of a good read don't buy it. On the other hand if you been struggling with insomnia lately then here you go click the picture below follow this link and get your money spent, If you just lay there at night in bed counting sheep or joining the dead hand gang get your money out, its better than Nytol to get you off to sleep. Zzzzzz sorry I just dropped off there and I am only writing about it.

Click the picture to buy the book online. Its ace really....



 The Purple Helmets live on the Isle of Man in 'Castle Wintop' near to Injebreck, in West Baldwin.They sleep together in a large round bed and mostly eat twigs and leaves that they collect from local plantations. During still autumn nights they can often be heard singing each other to sleep and the orange glow from their peat fire can be seen from many miles away. None of the Purple Helmets go by their real names; they all have stage names to protect their identities from both women and dentists. Because they live on the edge of a reservoir the Purple Helmets are great swimmers, two of whom swam for the North West of England under 12's and the whole team have their brown life saving medallions.






There is no leader of the Purple Helmets, they have instead a form of democracy called "Clinglip", whereby hot stones are placed on their heads and whoever lasts the longest is allowed to make the decision. If one is lucky enough to examine the top of one of their heads when their helmets are off you will see the rotten scorch marks. These marks have never been photographed. The Purple Helmets love Italian food, seafood paella with skunk is their favourite. They will drink almost anything alcoholic and once got drunk on stale sherbet lemons and cheese cake brandy. Only eight of the Purple Helmets have been in prison, mostly for cruelty offences or poaching geese. There is a wi-fi connection at 'Castle Wintop'.